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Diabetes 2 and Fatty Liver How To Cure Them ENGLISH Original Dr. Ben Bikman, PhD

Show Notes

Today we speak with Dr. Ben Bikman, PhD. Professor of Bioenergetics, Scientific Researcher, and Author of the book «WHY WE GET SICK», an essential manual to understand how to prevent and cure the most prevalent diseases of the XXI century.

A revealing interview where we discuss the common denominator, the origin and the cure for conditions such as Diabetes 2, Fatty liver, Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and hypertension. In the Laboratory, Dr. Bikman identifies the mechanism of how weight gain is directly related to the risk of disease and what we must do TO NOT GET SICK and to SAY NO TO ANY MEDICAL SENTENCE.

TIP: «OFF the record» : To keep your glucose and insulin at bay, walk a few minutes after a meal.

Episode Guide:

  • 02:15 – What is Insulin Resistance
  • 04:46 – List of diseases related to insulin resistance
  • 07:18 – Does salt impact our blood pressure?
  • 08:30 – What is Aldosterone and how is it related to blood pressure
  • 10:10 – What causes fatty liver disease
  • 12:45 – How the body uses fructose
  • 15:13 – Cellular aging and skin disorders
  • 18:01 – The key to aging well
  • 19:10 – How Insulin Inhibits Autophagy
  • 19:30 – Gastric reflux and gastrointestinal imbalances
  • 25:10 – What bacteria feed on
  • 26:40 – Why we get fat
  • 31:40 – How to control hunger
  • 35:15 – Recommendations for a good breakfast and the fat burning function
  • 39:40 – The best time to eat something sugary
  • 41:55 – Ideal time for the last meal of the day
  • 48:05 – «Tips» to control «indulgent» meals
  • 54:25 – Is Type 2 Diabetes reversible?
  • 57:50 – Migraines and recommended diet

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