How to Lose Weight and Detox by Juicing (English Original) Joe Cross

Show Note

Get inspired during this interview with our guest Joe Cross. Joe, undergoes a complete health transformation by simply juicing.

Joe Cross, is the filmmaker of the documentary «Fat, sick and nearly dead».

«Fat, sick and nearly dead» presents the reality of Joe Cross a man in his 40’s obese and filled with common conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure … However the worse were chronic hives in the form of urticaria,… Meet Joe Cross from a medicated obese individual  to a healthy super human.

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Episode Guide:

  • 01:30 The secret to healthy skin and feeling good
  • 02:05 The turning point 
  • 10:30 The first 3 days of detoxing, what happens?
  • 18:15 The real motivation
  • 20:00 What inflammation hides
  • 27:50 The power of fasting
  • 38:30 Discover “El Reto Yo Puedo”
  • 43:30 How to prepare yourself
  • 46:300 How often should you poop?

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